A Regrettable Fat Loss Misunderstanding?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

1, aerobic exercise to reduce fat, anaerobic exercise can not
Aerobic exercise can also increase muscle mass, and anaerobic exercise can also reduce fat. Back a hundred steps, aerobic exercise consumes calories, anaerobic exercise increases muscles to increase your base static metabolic rate, so that you can consume more calories in the state of no movement, the same can achieve the purpose of reducing fat.

2, only continue to exercise for more than 30 minutes to lose weight
As long as you are exercising, the body's glycogen (hepatic sugar) and fat are consumed at the same time, but the proportion of the latter is small (and the amount of calories provided by the unit fat is more), and the proportion of fat consumed at different heart rates is different. When exercised for a certain period of time (this time is generally 20 minutes to 30 minutes depending on the constitution), the body's glycogen is almost consumed, and the body will increase fat decomposition and consumption.

3, my person is easy to fat physique, drinking water will be fat
“Drinking water will be fat” objectively impossible, because water is zero calorie. There may be many causes of easy fat constitution, such as: 1. The muscle content is too small, and the basal metabolism is too low. A muscular man is extremely fat when he eats a seaweed, because most of the heat he absorbs is provided to the body for daily consumption. 2, unhealthy daily life, staying up late, drinking alcohol, not eating breakfast and dinner, etc. will cause endocrine disorders, become easy to fat physique.