Why do you need strength training?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The human body is made up of many different elements. The most important factors are fat and muscle. Whether you want to become thinner, stronger or improve your athletic ability, they are the biggest enemy to overcome, and strength training can give you help. Next, we introduce the role of strength training on the situation of three kinds of people.

First, for fat people
The main reason for being too fat is that there is too much fat. The method is to consume calories, except that it can be done by aerobic exercise. It is also possible to increase muscle mass and increase basal metabolic rate by strength training.
Girls worry that strength training will make them look very strong. This is actually a worrying thing. Because of the hormonal relationship, women need to work harder than men to build a muscle. The muscles are not so good.

Second, for thin people
How many people eat will not be fat. Are these people all very happy? In fact, many thin people also want to become fat, do not want to make themselves look so thin, but how to eat will not be fat. Therefore, if you want to join strength training in addition to eating more, you don't have to rely on fat to get fat, you can increase muscle strength. At the same time, increasing the amount of exercise can increase your appetite.

Third, for those who love sports
I like sports very much? You need strength training. Exercise is done by muscle contraction. If you want to play the ball higher and play farther, you need to increase your strength and speed. They come from your muscles.