Is weight loss or fat loss?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

Reduce the difference between moisture and fat
Fat reduction is the real weight loss, and the skin will not change. The real purpose of losing weight is to reduce the proportion of body fat. The possibility of reducing water is only a decrease in body weight in the short term. It will rebound in the long run, the body shape will not change much, and the skin will change when the water is reduced. The symptoms of dry skin may also have symptoms such as dry stool and dry mouth. In addition, reducing fat does not necessarily lead to significant changes in body weight, but changes in body shape, becoming more symmetrical and fit.

Lose weight first or lose weight first
Of course it is fat, and weight loss lies in reducing fat. Losing weight can not be equal to weight loss, water reduction may reduce weight, but the real purpose of weight loss is to reduce the proportion of body fat. The weight considerations are of little practical significance, and the shape that affects your shape is not your weight. Because the fat density is small, the muscle density is large, and most of the human body weight comes from the weight of the muscle. Losing weight is a decrease in fat, while weight loss is a decrease in muscle. The two are not the same thing. This is like two people weighing the same size, but the body size is very different.