Lazy brings EMS, which has been in Europe for several years, to China for the first time.
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The lazy fitness that greatly reduces the fitness time is not to master some kind of "black technology", but to bring the EMS fitness method into China. It is understood that EMS was jointly developed by NASA and the former Soviet Aerospace Agency. The purpose is to prevent astronauts from causing muscle atrophy in the case of weightlessness in space for a long time. After continuous research and development and upgrading, EMS is transferred from military and medical to civilian, and thus popularized in the fitness industry.

The contraction movement of the muscle comes from the electrical signal control of the brain. When the electric pulse generated by the brain hits the muscle layer, it can stimulate the muscle to generate motion through electric impulses. EMS replaces the brain signal and directly stimulates the motor nerve through external electric pulse. Muscles cause contractile movements; even if the body does not move, the muscles that are stimulated are also in motion. After wearing EMS equipment, people can only do some exercise with a slight exercise to achieve long-term fitness.