Vest Electro Stimulation

Vest Electro Stimulation

Vest electro stimulation like the second skin.BodTech has revolutionize the EMS suit by intergrating all cables to offer maximum freedom of movement.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Vest electro stimulation like the second skin.BodTech has revolutionize the EMS suit by intergrating all cables to offer maximum freedom of movement.During the development process,only the best and most advanced materials were selected to create totally innovative suits that are central to the BodyTech System.

2. Product Parameter

Technics: Plain Dyed

Material:  Spandex / Cotton

Available Sizes: xs-s-m-l-xl

Color: Back

Function: Slim&gain muscle

Model Number:

3. Product Feature And Application

The control unit, which generates the impulse and is equipped with a battery and a Wi-Fi module, is located in the technological dress. No cables can be seen from the outside of the dress since the cable set is in the technological dress. The cables and the electrodes are perfectly fit on the body.



Feel the faric adapt to your body


Adjust the electrodes for better results.


Enjoy complete freedom of movement.


Maximum adaptation to the suit,allowing camouflafe.

4. Production Details


Our cables are covered with a uniquely-designed unbreakable weaving. The upper and the lower parts of the technological dress are separable, thus enabling the clients to match different sizes for different body shapes.

At the end of the cable set there is a security 3M connector which guarantees the stable attachment of the cables to the control unit. The control unit is made with a 3D SLS powder printer. The trousers also have a special buckle to facilitate the dressing up. We replaced the neoprene material of the technological dress with a similarly flexible but more durable, non-airtight material.

5.Product Qualification


Our production line is in conform with CE and CTT standards. Our EMS devices meet the requirements and they are certified technologies according to CE.

6.Deliver,Shipping And serving


Packaging Details : Factory standard packaging or customzied

Delivery Time   : 15 days

Shipping Method :FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, air or sea freight

7. Lastest new

Under the new normal, with development of technology, more industries start to carry out technical innovation, fitness industry is not an exception. Apart from intelligent bracelet, sports earphone and other common products, EMS fitness turns famous in these two years and leads the whole fitness market.

Let’s know about EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) technique. It’s well known that the traditional fitness uses muscular nerve to receive signal to control muscle contraction and finish a series of muscular sports. EMS technique simulates biological electric signal to “cheat” muscular nerve, namely, it simulates the brain to send signal to muscular nerve and make the muscles move.

Since 1960, EMS was applied to train astronauts to prevent from muscle atrophy under zero gravity environment for long-term, and developed to be used in medical and sports industry gradually. In 2000, EMS training got prevalent in Europe thanks to its high effective feature, and that healthy lifestyle trend was brought into domestic China.

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