Ems Muscle Stimulation Machine

Ems Muscle Stimulation Machine

BODYTECH Technology -a patented wireless EMS technology (patent filed)- delivers the future to your home or fitness studio.

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

BODYTECH Technology -a patented wireless EMS technology (patent filed)- delivers the future to your home or fitness studio. Being a global innovation, our technology takes training experience to a whole new level.Compared to the traditional EMS technology, the Justfit computer system is only a slim tablet or the phone.With BODYTECH there are no boundaries, since the user has the freedom of motion with the wireless technology.

2. Product Parameter

Technics: Plain Dyed

Material: Spandex / Cotton

Available Sizes: xs-s-m-l-xl

Color: Back

Function: Slim&gain muscle

Model Number:

3. Product Feature And Application

The heart of the system combines low and medium frequencies with maximum depth effect and adapts itself highly dynamically to the person doing the training.


● Small and Lightweight

● Changeable Battery

● Indicator Lights

● Ergonomically positioned

● Magnetic Attachment



The sleek design fits like a glove while maximizing freedom of movement. No moisture, no cables, provide the client with a comfortable and stylish workout. Hygienically designed and machine washable, the Visionbody Power Suit is antibacterial through the incorporation of silver flaking.


3. No need to moisten


Before starting the training it is not necessary to moisten or spray the suit.

YTECH has impressively proved that wireless EMS training is possible with complete freedom of movement. A suit fits like a glove, and the wearer already has a real “feel-good” sensation when changing into it. You simply look better straight away!

4. Production Details

Anti-bacteriasilver ion impulse patch provides optimal comfort for the best workout experience.


5.Product Qualification证书(001)

Our production line is in conform with CE and CTT standards. Our EMS devices meet the requirements and they are certified technologies according to CE.

6.Deliver,Shipping And serving

Packaging Details : Factory standard packaging or customzied

Delivery Time   : 15 days

Shipping Method :FedEx, UPS, DHL, EMS, air or sea freight


7. Lastest new

Iran has always been a mysterious country. As an islamic country in the Middle East, after a long period of media influence, in fact, just like China is often a wrong image in the eyes of the world, Iran rarely reveals its mysterious veil. Let's look at sports. Iranian fencers are often good at world competitions. At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Iranian fencer Mojtaba Abedini narrowly lost to south Korean Kim jong hwan in the final three or four, missing his medal. World championship in 2017, however, he returned, with 15-11-14 and 15th player eliminated Italy and South Korea, stood in the final, although finally his opponent, Hungary will Andras Szatmari had the last laugh, but believe that none of us thought that, in addition to basketball, football, Iranian athletes can despite in other field. In addition to unremitting efforts, the competition of the masters often depends on the know-how, so what is Abedini's trick? EMS electric muscle stimulation is a great help to improve athletes' speed, endurance, strength and muscle fatigue. With such a powerful weapon, Abedini finally stood on the world podium!

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